twinster – our goal

twinster has the goal of bringing the advantages of the digitalization to the end customer as well as companies.

Our focus thereby lies on holistic and innovative solutions in the area around 3D body measurements. We therefore use 3D Body Scanners.

There, we work with companies from a variety of different segments.
No matter if it is the industry, retail or health. The visualization of humans in 3D brings a lot of advantages.

The automatic body measurements in 3D via 3D Body Scanning open a new world of possibilities for tailors and designers. They can offer their customers bespoke clothes, without having to measure them by hand.

Also online shops use the possibility of twinster size recommendations for their end customers.

The focus on holistic solutions, makes it possible for us to cover the whole process chain around 3D modeling and 3D body measurements for our customers.

twinster – our vision

The vision of twinster is grounded on a variety of pillars.

  1. At twinster, we are convinced that the digitalization brings tremendous advantages for end customers and companies alike.
    They just have to make use of it accordingly. And we are here to help do so.
  2. Our team believes in the future of 3D avatars and their integration into our lives.
    Combining 3D avatars with different services is one of our key focus.
  3. Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality applications will soon be affordable for the mass.
    They will revolutionize our live in a variety of areas – online as well as offline.
  4. twinster is the first company in Europe that offers the possibility of Virtual Fitting. This means that customers are able to be measured fully automatically and get size recommendations right thereafter.
  5. 3D Body Scanner will be part of our everyday life soon.
    They help us in diving into the virtual world as well as find suitable apparel.

All these points have a big importance to the team of twinster.
They contribute massively to what we do and why we do it.

We believe in the future of 3D and help in designing it.