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around 3D Body Data

3D Body Scanning

Our 3D Body Scanners are one of a kind. Operated in self-serve mode, the human body is measured completely in only 3 Sec. The interface provides over 120 measurements of the human body and can be connected to a variety of functionalities.

E-Commerce Sizing Solutions

We make it easy for your customers to find the right size in your shop. Our unique sizing algorithm can be integrated into your online store & works with clever machine learning mechanisms. Finding appropriate ready-to-wear clothes has never been easier.

Sizing App

We developed the first Sizing App that is able to connect with 3D Body Scanners, our sizing algorithm and brands of all kind – all in one. Your Sizing Profile – digitally by your side every time you want to buy clothes online. Help us prevent tons of waste & emissions.

Retail Digitalization

The world of stationary retail and shopping centers undergo digital challenges and the need for innovative change. Our solutions and concepts help you to get ahead of your competition and provide your customers with digital highlights in stores.

Automatic Pattern Making

If you are in the field of made-to-measure apparel, what you lack might be the possibility of automatic pattern making. We provide you with holistic solutions – from measuring with 3D Body Scanners to automatic pattern making for you individual size lot 1 production.

Digital Fabrics

Displaying fabrics and their characteristics online is not an easy task. We help you with 3D scanning and special software to digitalize your fabrics and display them in your online shop. Increase your conversion rate with innovative designs & intuitive displays.

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