3D avatar: Maybe you have asked yourself what that actually is and how you can use it. Why do you need one?

We would like to answer these questions for you here.

How do I generate a 3D avatar?

3D avatar, 3D twin, digital self of mini-me. There are so many different names already for what is actually you in the digital world.

You can generate it, with most companies, by stepping inside a so called 3D Body Scanner. It digitalizes you completely. You also have the possibility to get your 3D avatar by using a manual 3D body scanning device.

Either way, you need to be captured 360 degrees. The whole process can take from 2 seconds up to a couple of minutes. That always depends on the device you use for becoming digital.

Once you are completely captured, your digital twin is generated.


What can I do with a 3D avatar?

Having a 3D avatar of yourself, makes it possible for you to experience a whole new world.

You can find examples of how you can use your 3D avatar here:

  • You can transfer yourself into the world of computer games. Games like Fifa, counterstrike and many more already integrated the possibility of putting your head on the player of your choice on screen and have more fun in the game.
  • You also have the possibility to get measured in 3D and send your tailor your measurements. He can then design bespoke clothes for you without even having to see you or measure you by hand. A really clever procedure; made possible with your 3D avatar.
  • Especially in the area of sports and health, the visualization of the body plays a huge role. You can get measured automatically and see your training and health results immediately on your digital twin.
  • There is also the possibility to generate a GIF file or 3D picture of yourself which you can easily share on Social Media or send to your beloved ones via e-mail.
  • Of course, you can also 3D print yourself as soon as you have the 3D avatar as base.
  • Another possibility is to enter into the world of Augmented and Virtual Reality.
    If you wonder what the difference between AR and VR is, visit our other blog entry by simply clicking on Augmented and Virtual Reality above.

These are just some of the countless examples of possibilities you have with your 3D avatar.

You can find more inspiration on 3D Avatars at the following TedX Talk: TedX Kufstein, How 3D avatars will change your life