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Your body is measured automatically - in only 3 sec.


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select your clothes without having to try them on


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Always perfectly dressed - no matter which event


Automatic body measurements in 3D

Measured completely in only 3 seconds


The automatic body measurements in 3D happen in a static way in a 3D Body Scanner.

In only 3 seconds, the body is completely captured and measured.

Our 3D Body Scanner does not make any photos or videos. Your privacy is one of the highest priorities for us.

The innovation: Our 3D Body Scanner can be operated with an App directly over your smartphone or tablet.

It is therefore the first 3D Body Scanner worldwide that can be operated in self-serve mode by the customer.

Fields of operation

  • Tailor-made clothes

    90+ measurements in a report for designers and tailors

  • Size recommendations

    The measurements help to find the right size in online shops

  • Privacy

    Automatic measurements without pictures, videos or someone touching you

  • Health monitoring

    The measurements make it possible to monitor your health status

  • 24h access

    Access to your personal measurements via the App

Automatic body measurements in 3D

That’s how it works

The automatic body measurements in 3D are accomplished fast and easy with a 3D Body Scanner.

That’s how it works:

  1. Download our free App.
    It automatically connects to the 3D Body Scanner nearest to you.
  2. Go inside the 3D Body Scanner and follow the instructions in the App.
  3. Hold the hand rails (left and right) and position your feet on the floor marks.
    The same scanning position every time guarantees the highest accuracy of measurements.
  4. After only 3 seconds your full body is captured and measured.
  5. After only 1-2 minutes you have over 90 body measurements ready.
  6. Designer and tailors use these body measurements in order to design wonderful bespoke clothes.
  7. Labels use the 3D Body Scanner also for size recommendations for their customers.

You want to know more? Contact us.

Automatische Körpervermessung in 3D Report

You receive the measurements report either in English or German.


You can also draw your own manual measurements directly on the 3D Avatar.


No pictures or videos are taken of you. Your privacy is of high importance to us!


We have included certain design algorithms up front. You can start with your design right away!

That’s us

Our team works continously on innovative solutions in the area of Industry 4.0.
We are experts in the field of 3D applications and the latest technologies.

Our strengths lie in the development and global sale of 3D Body Scanners for automatic body measurements in 3D.

In addition, we are continuously working on awesome projects in the fields of 3D modeling and 3D printing. Companies from all kinds of industries appreciate our innovative way of working.

The automatic body measurements are especially important for the clothing industry. There you can either tailor bespoke clothes or give size recommendations to customers according to their personal measurements.

If you want to establish size recommendations in your shop or improve your bespoke clothing line, we are the right partners to speak to. Our 3D Body Scanner is the most innovative in the market.

Our goal: We want everybody to have affordable, individual and high-quality clothes that fit perfectly. The clue: You get them without having to try them on.